Saturday, July 03, 2004

Oracle Collaxa BPEL

I looked at Collaxa’s BPEL product a while back, and was quite impressed by their take on web service orchestration. So I noted with interest the recent rumours (now verified) of an acquisition by Oracle.

As with any merger and acquisition activity in the software industry, the outcome will be uncertain for some time. To what extent will the identity of the Collaxa innovation and team be preserved or swallowed up; to what extent will BPEL now achieve broader dissemination, across Oracle’s customer and beyond; how successful will Oracle be at integrating BPEL with the rest of its products and services; how does this help Oracle’s cause in the platform wars?

The early indicators are favourable. The announcement and launch seems to have been managed well, and the preliminary marketing material is falling into place. However, the first real indication will come with the next round of product releases, the next round of sales figures, and the next set of project success stories.

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