Monday, September 18, 2006

Forthcoming Meetings

Lots of the emails I receive include notices or invitations for forthcoming events. I am on the mailing lists of various groups that meet regularly, but I don't get to all the meetings.

So what to do with these emails? I could copy them into my diary straight away. I could put them into a "forthcoming meeting" folder and forget about them until it's too late.

What I really want is some way of aggregating these forthcoming events into a calendar. Each of these groups maintains a webpage, with details of its forthcoming events. If I can subscribe to this webpage, and others like it, all I would need is for my news reader (I use Bloglines) to show me (in calendar view) all the forthcoming events from all the eventpages I have subscribed to, perhaps filtered by city. (So I can see all the London events, but not the Washington events, unless of course I am going to be on a business trip to Washington next week.)

The word "freedbacking" has recently been coined as an identifier for a consumer providing free feedback to providers. Bloglines has announced that it will be picking up all blogs containing the words and , so let's see if this works.

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