Thursday, January 11, 2007

Apple Keynote

Whatever his other strengths and weaknesses may be, Steve Jobs is widely acknowledged as a brilliant speaker. But what happens when Jobs has to share the stage with someone else? Does he shine at someone else's expense, or does he make them look good too?

Seth Godin criticizes Stan Sigman, the CEO and President of Cingular, for his poor showing at the Apple keynote. One blogger (Rodrigo SepĂșlveda Schulz) didn't even bother to report Sigman's name. Come on Fake Steve Jobs, give us the real explanation!

Jerry Yang (Yahoo) and Eric Schmidt (Google) are there as well to praise Apple - and of course Jobs.
  • "Congratulations, Steve. What an incredible job!" (Schmidt)
  • "It's really, really cool. It's a real honor to be partnering with Apple today." (Sigman)

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