Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feed Splicing

Feedburner offers a feed-splicing service, and a lot of people use this to splice their links into their blog feed.

But I have decided this is annoying, and I find myself unsubscribing from feeds that have far more links than real posts. It is perfectly possible to subscribe to a person's links separately, if anyone wants.

I'd rather have just one interesting post every month. Surely the whole point of feeds is that you don't have to keep the channel busy in order to keep the channel open.

(The guilty parties include several industry analysts, as well as employees of certain very large software companies.)

At least Feedburner doesn't offer a Twitter splicer yet. I hope they never do.


  1. Richard, Sorry to hear that you don't like my delicious feed spliced into my blog. I can understand that. But lots of my subscribers DO like the delicious entries (given the number of click throughs that feedburner reports for them). The real problem is that feedburner does NOT give a blogger the option of presenting multiple feed badges -- one with link splices and one without for example. So... Just for you, I spent the last 30 min creating a Yahoo Pipe with delicious and flickr entries filtered out of my feed. Here it is: . If you enter the URL into your favorite reader, you should be able to read just my Typepad entries. Enjoy!

  2. By the way, I tried and, but neither seemed to work. You may want to try them yourself on the other feeds that are bothering you.