Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Jig for Gartner

Technology spoke and we raised no objection at
Vendors, their briefings so light and affectionate.

Sun sent us crazy for core business services, not
Four BPEL engines could tear us apart.
Oracle then coloured the map of our land.
IBM muscled, and applications came ripe to the hand.
In the foothills of SAP we played happily, happily
Even SalesForce couldn't tell us apart.

The recession drew near and said 'This will not do at all -
If you continue, I fear you will rue it all'.
So after TechEd we vowed to eschew it all
Though we all knew it would break our heart.

But Spring made hay of our good resolutions.
Gartner, you may be as wise as Confucians,
Yet once tech betrays you he plays you and plays you,
Like fishes for ever, so take it to heart.

[with apologies to C Day Lewis]

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