Friday, June 18, 2010

Device-Driven Business IT Alignment?

@LTucci suggests Using the sex appeal of the iPad to push BI reporting in the C-suite (Total CIO, June 2010). @rtolido glosses this as "looking for better business-IT alignment? Get your CEO an iPad".

Linda Tucci talks about "democratizing business intelligence software" and announces that "users can become masters of their own dashboards!" Although giving more power to CEOs is a curious kind of democratization, I can see that allowing CEOs to become masters of their own dashboards could be interpreted as a move toward some kind of business-IT alignment.

But I hope the reference to the iPad is intended to be satirical, because believing that the CEO would be seduced by some device, thus magically achieving business-IT alignment, would not only show fair contempt for the CEO but also trivialize the notion of alignment. This belief appears to be an extreme form of technology fetishism, christened the device paradigm by the philosopher of technology Albert Borgmann.

For a similar kind of satire, see Newsbiscuit's proposal to give the UK Deputy Prime Minister a toy plastic steering wheel.

he can make all the noises, too

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