Tuesday, April 09, 2013

How to persuade me to participate in your survey

1. Please don't send me a laundry list of topics that you might want to pick my brains about.

Please indicate in which of the following 15 areas you have experience and/or will be able to provide examples, anecdotes, or case studies - dealing with best practices, failures, or successes, or in some way interesting. Please select all that apply.

2. Please don't send the same questionnaire to CIOs and consultants and industry analysts, and expect to be able to do anything useful with the answers.

3. Please don't address me as a "practitioner" without knowing what I am a practitioner of.

Researchers typically use the word "practitioner" to mean anyone without proper university affiliation. It sometimes carries a slightly patronizing tone.

4. Please read what I've written on the subject you are researching. Yes, even so-called Practitioners do publish stuff sometimes. A proper citation would be nice. Thank you.

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