Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The PowerPoint Collection

A collection of blogposts about PowerPoint.

Corrupting Evidence (Feb 2005) 
Edward Tufte is writing a book called Beautiful Evidence, about the proper and improper use of modern rhetorical media, such as PowerPoint.

What Exactly is PowerPoint For? (March 2006)
Microsoft is making concerted efforts to improve their own use of PowerPoint, and to encourage others to use it better. Bill Gates spoke without slides in his keynote speech at Mix06.

Beyond Bullet Points (May 2006)
Some of my friends at Microsoft are excited about Cliff Atkinson and his "new" presentation style, based on the work of psychology professor Richard E. Mayer.

Who's the Dick in the Wine Bar (May 2006)
If you are accustomed to traditional PowerPoint, beware. You may find these videos disturbing.

PowerPoint Slides (Nov 2006)
It is not Microsoft's fault if the Pentagon makes inappropriate use of the available tools. Loads of stupid documents have been written in Word, and loads of bad accounts produced in Excel. But it is PowerPoint gets most of the criticism.

Blame PowerPoint (Oct 2009)
If different groups or communities use PowerPoint differently, there may be many different PowerPoints-in-use corresponding to a single PowerPoint-as-built.

Visualizing Complexity (April 2010)
Lot of people have been mocking a diagram that attempts to visualize the complexity of the situation in Afghanistan using system dynamics, rendered as a PowerPoint slide. (Many people have chosen to blame PowerPoint for the complexity of this diagram.) See also Understanding Complexity (July 2010)

Visual Cliché in Architectural Discourse (Nov 2010)
The visual language of architectural discourse, from enterprise to software, is surprisingly weak. Many diagrams look as if they may have started as meaningful sentences, but they have been transformed into diagrams by discarding most of the words and putting the remaining words into coloured shapes, arranged artistically on the slide.

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