Friday, May 26, 2006

The O'Reilly Code

Following the expensive lawsuit in which the authors of The Holy Grail sued the authors of the Da Vinci Code for a series of mysterious similarities between two texts ...

[BBC News: Court Ruling, Stakeholder Reaction, Legal Reaction]

... the O'Reilly gang is [update: was] threatening to set the lawyers on another Irish gang daring to trespass on the sacred turf of Web 2.0.

[Tom Raftery, Bill de hÓra, O'Reilly response]

In the case of the Da Vinci case, the cost of the lawyers was probably justified by the extra publicity for both books. Even if the Da Vinci book is rubbish (and I haven't read it, so I can't comment), the court case adds to the mystique.

But is the same true of Web 2.0?

Hey, perhaps I should sue Gartner and Oracle for borrowing SOA 2.0 (which I proposed in October 2005), and turning a sensible idea into a ridiculous one. See my SOA 2.0 fightback.

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