Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Death of Java EE?

I wanted to add something to David Sprott's post on the Death of Java EE.
My take on this is that we are moving further away from the old-fashioned idea of a single all-powerful general-purpose programming language/environment. The complexity (and sometime popularity) of PL/1 and ADA resulted from the expectation that you could (and should) code everything you ever wanted in a single syntax.

All sorts of three-letter acronyms (TLAs) have already taken a swipe at this expectation - including MDA and CBD. Now SOA takes a further swipe.

So what future use is Java EE in the SOA world? David says:
"Our customers tell us that Java EE is the only sane choice when really high performance and criticality are required."
Of course this is right - today. But looking ahead, surely we may predict the emergence of future languages/environments specifically designed for high performance and criticality, but without some of the other stuff that is presently in Java EE. Something better will come along - possibly simpler, or possibly complex in ways we cannot imagine today.

Of course Java EE is not dead. PL/1 and ADA survived long after they were fashionable, and there are doubtless many people still coding in these languages today. But just as the long-term survival of the polar bear is threatened by the shrinking of the polar icecaps, surely even Java fans must acknowledge that the long-term survival of Java EE is threatened by SOA.

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