Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Software Updates

My colleagues and I have been using Articulate to produce eLearning materials. The software adds a soundtrack to a Powerpoint file and produces a Flash movie.

Some of the materials we produced last year now have to be updated in order to work correctly with Flash 10. So I read the instructions on the Articulate website and downloaded an Updater program.

But when I try to run the Updater program, I get an error. Turns out that the Updater needs Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0. So now I have to download that as well.

So I have a little time to post something to this blog while I wait for all this stuff to install.

British readers of a certain age may remember a comic song by Flanders and Swann called The Gasman Cometh (lyrics), in which the gasman creates work for the carpenter, the carpenter creates work for the electrician, and so on through various trades, until they get to the painter who "painted over the gas tap and I couldn't turn it on".

Updating a laptop sometimes seems to be a similar infinite regress. I'm always afraid I'll be singing down the phone to technical support, something like "it's loaded over the bootfile and I cannot turn it on".

All I need now is a song about a big six-layered, semantic-grid-painted, Microsoft-transport, Intel-engined, ninety-seven–terabyte service bus. (Original song Transport of Delight.)

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