Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Types of Business Intelligence

Actionable Intelligence

  • Having the necessary information immediately available in order to deal with the situation at hand. With regard to call centers, it refers to agents having customer history and related product data available on screen before the call is taken. (Computer Language Company)
  • Any intelligence you can use to improve your marketing position within the marketplace. (Reciprocal Consulting)

Appreciative Intelligence

Appreciative Intelligence is the ability to perceive the positive inherent generative potential in a given situation and to act purposively to transform the potential to outcomes. In other words, it is the ability to reframe a given situation to recognize the positive possibilities embedded in it but not apparent to the untrained eye, and to engage in the necessary actions so that the desired outcomes unfold from the generative aspects of the current situation. (Tojo Thatchenkery).

Collaborative Intelligence

Orchestrating BI services across a federated management or governance structure. Collaboration between knowledge workers. Identified in Richard Veryard, Service-Oriented Business Intelligence (September 2005) See also From Networked BI to Collaborative BI (April 2016).

Decision Analysis

Improving the way we make decisions. More robust collaborative capabilities embedded within BI tools. Formalized methods for evaluating the effectiveness of decisions made with those tools.

Wayne Eckerson, The Next Wave in BI: Decision Analysis (TDWI, Jan 2010)

Pervasive Business Intelligence

Stephen Swoyer, Pervasive BI: Still a Vision, Not Reality (TDWI, Jan 2010) via Franz Dill

Revolutionary Business Intelligence

Brian Gentle, The BI Revolution: A New Generation of Analytic Applications (TDWI, Oct 2010)
The BI Revolution: Business Intelligence's Future (TDWI, Nov 2010)

Service-Oriented Business Intelligence

Richard Veryard, Service-Oriented Business Intelligence (September 2005)

Updated 3 April 2016

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